Please use the following as a guideline. Each child is unique and so is the process taken to protect them. If you would like to contact a family advocate with questions or concerns please call 704.335.2760.

  • Report is made to Department of Social Services (DSS) and/or Police Department
  • Home visit may take place by the Department of Social Services and/or police department to gather additional information.An investigation may be opened by the police department and/or DSS. If deemed appropriate, the investigator will provide the reporting caregiver with Pat's Place contact information. Please Note that a case must be opened with the police department and/or DSS for Pat’s Place to see a child.
  • The Family Advocate will contact the caregiver to setup an appointment and answer any questions or concerns.
  • Caregiver should prepare the child for their visit at Pat's Place
  • During the visit at Pat’s Place the child will participate in a forensic interview and if deemed appropriate a noninvasive medical exam
  • Following the interview the investigators will follow up with families about their case. Pat's Place Family Advocates can provide resources to the family however can not relay any information regarding the details or information gathered during the interview this will be done by law enforcement.
  • The multidisciplinary team (MDT) may also review the case to coordinate best course of action for the family.
  • After the interview Pat's Place Family Advocates will provide their recommendations on resources that are appropriate for the child and caregivers. Caregivers can always contact Pat's Place for additional resources. Pat's Place follows each case through the completion of investigation, court, and mental health care.